COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) is the leading IT governance framework. The Eminere Group has extensive experience in assessing and implementing COBIT through its tenure in developing performance-based IT governance frameworks in many industries. Since our inception, we have invested significant resources to ensure that our consultants offer practical leadership to our clients for the implementation of COBIT best practices as well as developed our own methodology to assess and implement COBIT.

COBIT Assessment Services

The Eminere Group has augmented the COBIT maturity assessment to include business risk factor so that organizations can leverage the power of COBIT by focusing their energy on the control objectives that are most applicable to their business environments and risk tolerance.

Through reviews and analyses the COBIT assessment will assess 37 processes and supporting detailed objectives with the five domains of Evaluate, Direct and Monitor, Align, Plan and Organise, Build, Acquire and Implement, Deliver, Service and Support and Monitor, Evaluate and Assess.

Eminere Group has developed a COBIT Assessment Framework that is a powerful and efficient tool to facilitate cost-effective assessment of an organization’s IT governance maturity. The goal is to recommend specific mitigation strategies that are translated into an action plan.

The assessment is summarized in a comprehensive report with a detailed action plan including tracks, investment, priority and responsible parties

COBIT Implementation Services

Eminere Group can assist the organizations to implement the COBIT framework. Examples of services are: