Eminere Group delivers highly impactful solutions tailored for each client’s needs. We deliver value through reduced risk exposure, process improvement and increased return on your IT security investments. We deliver highly detailed customized solutions and actionable advice to our clients. We want our clients to successfully implement our recommendations, so we put in the effort to transfer knowledge to them throughout the project.

To meet our client needs, we deliver our services through four practice areas.

Additionally, we offer Training services, both as part of the knowledge transfer process during our projects and as standalone courses designed for certification and continuing education purposes.

IT Risk Management and Assurance

IT risk management and assurance is a core component of IT governance. IT risk assessment should be performed on a regular basis. Furthermore, from a risk management and quality management perspective it is prudent for enterprises to have an assessment performed of key risk areas on a regular basis.

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Information Security and Privacy

It is critical for organizations to assess their current system and processes – strengths and vulnerabilities – identify and source root causes, and design as well as develop a custom architecture that will reduce their risk and increase their revenues to stay competitive.

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Business Risk Advisory

Your business landscape is complex and constantly evolving. That is why you need a partner who can guide you through your business industry challenges to ensure proper risk management and successful achievement of strategic goals.

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In today’s environment, things are changing at an unbelievable rate. Now, more than ever, it is necessary to ensure that your staff maintains its competitive edge by keeping up to date with the latest certifications and industry knowledge.

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