Effectively managing IT is a critical success factor in the healthcare industry for assuring patient care, safety and privacy; compliance, IT business alignment and cost efficiencies. Furthermore, the industry continuously faces new regulatory requirements, system changes, and external/internal threats that could result in penalties, impact patient care and safety, and incur financial loss to the organization.

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Higher Education

IT is a critical part of a university’s strategy, teaching, research and for effective and efficient administration. Most universities IT environments are complex, challenging and with major upcoming IT initiatives. Managing IT at a university in today’s environment is therefore a complex and challenging task which requires a good understanding of the industry and the IT enablers.

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Financial Services

The financial services industry must address IT security to ensure the protection of sensitive information and compliance with laws and regulations. Organizations need controls in place to guard against threats that could result in fines, lawsuits or reputational damage. Organizations who successfully manage risk while containing costs can turn IT security into a competitive advantage.

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How do you keep up with managing your key IT and IT Security Risks?

Johan Lidros, President of Eminere Group state: We are ongoing monitoring key IT risk development and risk management tools/methods. As new risks develops and or expected risk mitigation changes we update our tools and methods.” We are sharing many of these updates in our weekly newsletter. To help you keep up, remember to sign-up for our newsletter.

IT Risk Management and Assurance

Whether mandated by law or best practice, regular risk assessment is crucial for most enterprises. Evaluating key risk areas annually – and prior to major technology implementation – enables our clients to target their actions as part of a  comprehensive action plan.

Many organizations lack the expertise internally to objectively assess their IT risks. Others simply prefer a third-party to bring their fresh perspective. Eminere Group offers both high level and detailed assessments and IT risk management services by providing independent analyses and reports to meet regulatory and business requirements, risk management plans and detailed action plans to be used to address key risk gaps.

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IT Strategy and Management

For an organization to use its IT resources effectively, management needs to be able to answer these questions:

  • How do you ensure that your IT initiatives achieve key objectives?
  • Do your IT initiatives align with and support your organization’s business objectives?
  • Do you need a road map for improving your IT organization’s overall performance and value delivery?

Eminere Group has extensive experience working closely with the senior leadership of our customers, as both a trusted advisor and as a solution implementation partner. Read more about our main service areas relating to IT Strategy and Management below.

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Information Security and Privacy

It is more critical than ever for organizations to assess the vulnerabilities of their information assets. The assessment must be broad – to capture all potential threats – and deep – to identify root causes.

Leading organizations use their technical architecture to build a competitive advantage, by improving the effectiveness of their information management and protecting the company from expensive incidents.

Our certified professionals will help you to understand information technology and related security risks. Our specialists will work with you to assess, design, develop, deploy, educate and support your organizations security and privacy initiative.

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