Eminere Group will once again present at the leading healthcare audit conference of the year – The Heat is on in Healthcare Internal Auditing. The 41st Annual AHIA conference will take place in Miami, August 28-31, 2022. Johan Lidros, President of Eminere will lead deep dive into following highly relevant topic:

IT Governance – Your Most Important Audit – How to Perform a Successful IT Governance Audit

Healthcare is critically dependent upon information technology, and healthcare leaders must manage strategy, risk and cost while continuously improving patient safety and quality metrics. Some high-performing organizations are creating a competitive advantage by better aligning IT with business objectives to drive value and improve decision-making. These goals are at the heart of a robust IT governance program.

Unfortunately, most organizations have not fully implemented a measurable program – and many Internal Audit departments have not performed a comprehensive IT governance audit. This presentation will provide valuable information regarding:

  • Practical tips and resources for conducting a successful IT governance audit;
  • Accepted IT governance practices (ISO, COBIT, for example);
  • Ten quick wins to improve IT governance;
  • Additionally, we will share and discuss IT governance programs integration with enterprise risk management, information security, emergency management, and quality/patient safety.

Registration for the conference opens in May.

Click here for more information: https://ahia.org/events/annual-conference/2022-annual-conference/ (broken link)