Eminere Group will once again present at the leading healthcare audit conference of the year – Achieving Nirvana in Healthcare Internal Audit. The 42nd Annual AHIA conference will take place in Seattle September 20-23, 2023. Johan Lidros, President of Eminere will lead deep dive into following highly relevant topic:

Eminere Group IT Audit Roundtable

Join an elite IT audit roundtable panel to discuss the most relevant topics in healthcare IT auditing and IT risk management. We’ll discuss key risks and practical approaches to performing IT audits in healthcare organizations through practical knowledge sharing and healthcare specific standards. Our panel includes a Chief Information Security Officer, Network security expert, and experienced IT Auditors, all with more than 20 years of practical experience.

We will discuss top healthcare IT audit areas, challenges, and the latest in IT and cyber best practices during an interactive session with experienced IT and IT audit professionals. As always, we focus on key soft and technical subjects with a focus on best practices and knowledge sharing.

This roundtable session will include in-depth discussions of key healthcare IT audit issues, IT trends, IT/IT security/cyber best practices, and best IT audit practices.

In the era of information overflow, what are the best resources available for IT auditors? We will dig down into key IT/IT security standards and new ones coming soon, many of which are free. This session includes active knowledge sharing of your key success factors or challenges. We will use interactive tools in the discussion to create an interactive session and input from the participants. Some of the topics that have been discussed in the past are:

  • Learn new trending technology and related risks in Healthcare
  • Understand new, improved and improved solutions to manage technology risks
  • Understand and discuss the most common IT risks, what basic controls needs to be in place and impact on the overall risk level by implementing these
  • Top tips to prioritize your IT risks and establish a well-balanced risk based IT audit plan

Registration for the conference has opened. Click here for more information: https://ahia-s-42nd-annual-conference.events.ahia.org/