As first-time attendees at the HCCA Compliance Institute, the Eminere Group team enthusiastically joined over 3,000 other professionals at one of the world’s largest compliance-centric conferences, in Las Vegas the week of April 15th. Eminere Group President, Johan Lidros, led two continuing education sessions, discussing first the importance of building an audit plan that addresses IT and cyber risk head-on. Later in the week, he focused on the specific area of Identity and Access Management, with another lively and interactive session. The nearly 200 attendees of both sessions gave excellent feedback on the content and delivery.

Between those two presentations, the team spent three days of meeting and interacting with participants on the exhibit floor. People stopped for the Swedish chocolate, but ended up staying and engaging the Eminere Group in relevant and frank discussions. The intersection of Compliance, Health IT and Cybersecurity clearly has gotten the attention of leading Healthcare companies.

The HCCA team ran an outstanding event and the Eminere Group will be back!